Social Dinner

We are pleased to announce that the Social Dinner on the 26th of October will be hosted at the Hotel Arsenaal Delft.

Set in the heart of Delft, the hotel offers a perfect blend of historic charm and modern amenities, ensuring an evening filled with elegance and memorable moments.

Dinner Details

Date: 26th October

Location: Hotel Arsenaal Delft, Korte Geer 1, 2611 CA Delft, The Netherlands

About the Venue

Hotel Arsenaal Delft, with its rich history and prime location, promises an ambiance that is both intimate and grand. As we come together to celebrate, share stories, and network, this venue will surely add to the charm of the evening.

Reservation and Dietary Requirements

If you have specific dietary requirements or allergies, please inform us in advance by emailing the reception at the address provided above. We aim to cater to everyone's needs and make the evening enjoyable for all attendees.

The dress code for the evening is semi-formal. We invite you to dress comfortably while keeping the elegance of the evening in mind.

Directions and Parking

For directions, parking information, and more details about Hotel Arsenaal Delft, you can visit the official website.