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RH Marine RH Marine is a leading system integrator and innovator of electrical and automation systems in the maritime industry, and delivers tailored solutions for complex Defence, Safety & Security ships, and Yachts. Our in-house capabilities include project management, consultancy, system design, engineering, commissioning, installation, site management, training, and service support.

With a strong focus on sustainability, we actively contribute our knowledge to various alliances in the global maritime industry. These alliances focus on the development of autonomous and low-emission solutions for all types of ships. At RH Marine we focus on making ships smarter and easier to operate. With our innovative solutions and integrated systems, we reduce life cycle costs and decrease the impact on our environment.

RH Marine has decades of experience in working with batteries onboard specialised vessels. In addition to that we have developed an award-winning Energy Management System (EMS) to fully align the additional power from batteries and other power sources with the installation onboard. The self-learning artificial intelligence algorithm automatically distributes the power demand over the available energy sources to ensure optimal operation based on an operational goal.

In addition to that we continuously work with our industry partners to encourage the adoption of new technologies in our market. One of the most significant contributions is our commitment to the MENENS project (Methanol as an Energy Step towards Zero-Emission Dutch Shipping). Within this project RH marine focuses on digital twins capable to capture current and future states of the system by developing virtual simulation models and digital solutions to create platforms to perform system integration studies and verify concept designs and innovations in power, propulsion and energy systems.  


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MARIN is a globally recognised top institute for hydrodynamic, nautical, and marine power systems research. Our mission is 'Better Ships, Blue Oceans': we stand for clean, smart, and safe shipping and sustainable use of the sea. 

We do this as an independent knowledge partner for the maritime sector, government, and society. 

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Damen provides unprecedented maritime solutions, through design, shipbuilding, ship repair and related services. We offer versatile platforms that enable our customers to be successful and that raise the standard in terms of safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. We want to become the most sustainable shipbuilders in the world.